The Zhongtian Honghaiwan Project was successfully signed.

On the morning of February 28, 2023, Guangdong Zhongtian held the “Signing ceremony of the first major projects in 2023 and the centralized opening and completion ceremony” of Dongguan Marina Bay New Area in Dongguan Binhai Square. The Zhongtian Honghaiwan Hotel Complex project will connect Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area and even overseas to carry out cross-border and multi-boundary dialogues with hotel business cards.

H2 will keep in mind its mission to create a unique high-end luxury hotel for Marina Bay New Area.

The Zhongtian Honghaiwan Project was successfully signed.
H2 will work with Zhongtian to create a vibrant, unique, destination level high-end lifestyle hotel for travelers.
The Zhongtian Honghaiwan Project will show every traveler a vibrant, relaxing and modern experience.

The Zhongtian Honghaiwan Hotel project targets well-known hotel buildings at home and abroad, integrates coastal ecology, arts and humanities, and creates a hotel complex project with diversified needs of life, business, design, entertainment, etc., and builds a high-end urban hotel club with ingenuity to enhance the overall urban image.