Indigo ReSea Qianghuangdao Under Construction

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Indigo ReSea Qianghuangdao, the first Indigo in North China, has been designed to be a cozy resort space where will accommodate unlimited reverie, as well as rich and vibrant routines. It will become a oasis for desirable quality life, express a brand new resort concept and aim at accomplishing an unexpectedly exquisite master piece.

Indigo ReSea Qianghuangdao had the groundbreaking ceremony in July 2022 and currently the whole project is under construction and expected to be open in July 2024.

Since the groundbreaking ceremony for Indigo ReSea Qianghuangdao was held in July 2022, the construction has accelerated. The structures of the lakeview guest wings have been completed till now, where the preliminary profile of resort mood has appeared. The scene of ocean front life experience will be launched as scheduled.

Upon completion of this upscale resort as the first Indigo in North China, the overall image of the region will be enhanced. This collection of internationally futuristic and artistic resort buildings will become the new landmark destination in Beidaihe New District.