The Resea Indigo Hotel Qinhuangdao is under construction

As the first Indigo hotel in North China, the project of Qinhuangdao Resea Indigo Hotel will create a comfortable holiday space through the architectural language, build a rich and vibrant daily life, create a pure land, protect the quality of life, and convey a new holiday concept. The construction and landing of the project aims to create a work with high taste, high quality and beyond expectations to present to everyone, and build a seaside holiday life that people yearn for.

The Qinhuangdao Resea Hotel project has been laid in July 2022, the project is currently under full construction, is expected to be completed in July 2024, when it will be officially opened to the public.

In July 2022, The Qinhuangdao Resea Indigo Hotel held a grand groundbreaking ceremony, and the project accelerated the pace of construction. At present, the Lakeview Hotel is capped, the holiday life picture is taking shape, and the seaside life experience field will be presented as scheduled.
After the completion of the project, as the first Indigo high-end resort hotel in North China, it will greatly enhance the overall image of the region, and become a new landmark for tourism and vacation in Beidaihe New District with an international, futuristic and artistic resort cluster.