Extraordinary Regis and extraordinary luxury

St. Regis Hotel, Xi'an

Feel the pleasure of social lifestyle of St. Regis Hotel, and experience the beauty of the folk dwellings in the central Shaanxi plain.
The aim is to build an urban social hotel after returning to the genes of St. Regis Hotel.

The design team has extracted the planning pattern of the Former Residence of Gao Yuesong in the ancient city of Chang’an and divided the hotel into inner and outer areas, with the former being public area and the later the guest room area. The idea is to create an open urban parlour for all kinds of important social activities based on the innovative arrangement of the public area outside and set-up of an independent entrance and exit, with reasonable layout of functions and combined utilization of the outdoor space of courtyard and terrace. A garden of tranquillity and functionalities is set in the centre surrounded by hotel rooms to create a private and leisure living environment for all the guests.

The architectural form is neat and orderly. The designers refer to the characteristics and sequence of the residential space of central Shaanxi plain to create spaces highlighting the local features of the hotel. The design of the building façades is simple but detailed. The materials used are the pottery clay and bronze like materials with regional cultural characteristics to further strengthen the regional sense of architectural forms, and reflect the modest luxury of St. Regis Hotel.