A Boutique Resort With Immersive Experience In New Yangtze Delta Culture

Sofitel YangShan , Wuxi

Bring in the scenic resources and interact with surroundings to expand the boundary of the hotel that is forged to be one-stop destination.

The site is faced with Big Yang Hill and has Small Yang Hill as setting and Yangshan Lake as neighbor, which offers exclusive view by two hills surrounding one lake. Therefore the project is planned to maximize the value of its landscape setting while the lanes and alleys along the canal in the region inspired the guest wings around courtyards. This low-density garden-feature resort is designed to integrate the remarkable historic and cultural DNA of Yangshan into the new Yangtze Delta culture and tourism. The mix-use program of the resort offers unconventional experience, luxury hotel service and Yangshan feature tourism and culture activities.


In warm and sunny March, peach blossoms in full bloom are gorgeous and colorful. When peaches are ripe, fruitful orchards are suffused with aroma. It is convinced that this resort will become the first and best choice for leisure and vacation.