High end wild luxury wellness resort hotel

Resea Indigo Hotel , QinHuangDao

To create a hidden and luxurious environment for natural healing, and create the first choice hotel for residence in Beijing,Tianjin and hebei.
The overall style of the building facade is simple and plain, which integrates well with the beautiful natural environment. The buildings are “planted” in the forest and “grown” along the river bank to realize the special pattern of interdependence between nature and people.

The courtyard style layout is adopted, with each space connected with each other, forming an experience of garden visiting.The contranst between the virtual and the real creats rich light and shadow changes, creating a unique healing and holiday atmosphere.

Enjoy the top quality vacation environment. The layout of cluster settlement brings rich shared courtyard and neighborhood space, which integrates the ideal lifestyle into the holiday life and heals the body and mind.