Meeting your different fashion new Life in Shijiazhuang

Mixed Use Project & Indigo Hotel, Shijiazhuang Qiangda

The aim is to blend INDIGO’s artistic atmosphere to create a three-dimensional cultural living place in Shijiazhuang.

Combined the basic functions and special premium modules to create a three-dimensional living place in Shijiazhuang.The curatorial business build the vitality gravity field which can be continuously drained to generate income.Design a number of powerful event engines to create Shijiazhuang’s unique Super Exhibition Center.Super Office with high-style office supporting and multi-functional space assistance can meet all the needs of the work.
Variety parking camp can enhance the arrival experience, improve multi-income and reserved space for business expansion.

The architectural form adopts the vertical form of twin towers, combined with the modern glass curtain wall to create a unique local “Shijiazhuang memory”.

Unique stay experience combined with INDIGO art life gene to experience a fresh and fresh local customs and cultural life.