City business resort hotel

Melia Hotel , Xi Xian new district , Xi'an

The public area of the hotel will be fully integrated into the commercial district, combined with green space to create a garden-style wandering experience, and become a stronghold of local life.
In response to the psychological needs of the post- epidemic era, it perfectly connects outdoor activities and functions, organizes multi-mode activity gardens, and perfectly integrates single-family business and theme mall with the public area of the hotel by means of indoor and outdoor integration, It creats a theme courtyard for parenthood, fashion, food, entertainment and social interaction. Combined with Xi ‘an’s slow driving system, the block is upgraded to create an immersive park POD by the Wei River.

The public area with the sense of vacation and the single-unit commercial block occlude to form the T-shaped main street, connecting Weihe Park and Lanchi Avenue in series, and the high-rise guest room tower presents the north-south publicity. Both commercial and hotel use the same commercial element of the window as the motif, and the traditional layout of Kansai courtyards as the template. The former combines the movement of people to create a dynamic atmosphere, while the latter is complemented with delicate and stylish copper details.

Staying in the garden, dining in the stroll, scenery by the Weihe River, and rest under the light and shadow allow guests to slow down, stay and enjoy the unique experience of urban micro-vacation.