June 25, 2024, Indigo Qinhuangdao Resea Hotel grand opening

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On June 25, 2024, H2 Design officially opened the first Indigo Qinhuangdao Resea Hotel in North China. Together with the owners, we look forward to welcoming you to start a new holiday experience exclusively owned by Indigo Qinhuangdao Resea Hotel.

“Driving the wind and chasing the dream to start new Voyage”, the grand ceremony opened the prelude to the external operation of Resea Resort, which is the release and deconstruction of a new holiday concept, the interpretation of a diversified lifestyle, the perfect display of the original Salin Lake spring and architecture, but also an unparalleled coastal feast that attracts the attention of the city.

For more information about the hotel, please visit the 《Resea》 public account, H2 and the owner are looking forward to your arrival.


On June 25, 2024, the opening ceremony of “Driving the Wind and Chasing the Dream to Start New Flight” was successfully completed.

As a key project in Beidaihe New Area, the overall planning area is 5400 mu, the construction land area is 1400 mu, and the investment is nearly 10 billion yuan. It has rare natural resources such as scarce sea, beach, forest, lake and hot spring, and simultaneously signed a number of well-known brands. It is committed to building Resea hotel into a high-end seaside resort destination integrating eating, living, touring, entertainment and shopping.

At Indigo Hotel, you can fully experience the local culture of Qinhuangdao and experience its unique neighborhood culture; Choose such Hai · Such apartment to enjoy a cozy, exclusive living atmosphere; In the seaside water sports center, feel the speed and passion of yachts and speedboats on the sea; In the Chinese restaurant, Shijiu Bar, First restaurant, fish market, feel the taste buds brought by Tian Nan and northern food; Enjoy the surging energy brought by sports in the forest playground and the beach; Explore the mysteries of the body and mind and awaken the vitality of the skin at the healing Center SPA; In the seaside spring water tea, good book shop, taste a cup of tea, read a book, let the soul dye ink fragrance; Take pictures and punch in at the Red Bridge Pier.