H2 design | Two brands of Hilton Group signed a contract to land in Shanghai International Tourism Resort

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On May 14, 2024, Hilton Corporation announced that it signed an agreement with Shanghai Shendi (Group) Co., Ltd. to bring Hilton Hotels & Resorts, its flagship brand, and Hilton Grand Resort, its lifestyle brand, to Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone, helping to further improve the regional diversified facilities and promote the diversified development of industries in the surrounding areas. To build a high-level world famous tourist destination.

H2 deeply investigated the planning form of surrounding villages and the lifestyle of local residents, and proposed three ideas: the integration of artificial and natural, the spiritual luxury of pastoral music, and the luxury of being a line away from the wild area. The overall planning of the project is based on the Tangpu polder with Chuansha characteristics, and the site is divided into several polders by horizontal ponds and vertical ponds. The different functional areas and guest rooms of the hotel are arranged with polder fields as the basic units. Each polder field is composed of buildings, gardens, fields, activity areas and woods, reproducing the village style of “five miles, one deep pool, seven miles, one horizontal pond” and “front courtyard, back forest” with Chuansha characteristics.

The overall planning and design aims to create a scenic area type pastoral ecological tourism holiday destination, and puts forward three design concepts: First, the scenic area is empowered – eliminate the border, link the surrounding area, fully mobilize the surrounding resources, and strengthen the cohesion of resources through design; 2: Content empowerment – strengthen activities and product content, break away from the traditional single-type hotel design ideas, expand the hotel content. 3: Cultural empowerment – emphasizing local culture and experiencing a lifestyle with local characteristics.

Hilton Shanghai International Tourism and Resort is located in the Shanghai International Tourism and Resort Area, surrounded by the north side of Shanghai Disney Resort, Bicester Shanghai Shopping Village, Shanghai Lavender Park and other vacation and leisure projects, high accessibility.

In the future, Hilton Hotel will have 350 rooms, and is equipped with 3 characteristic restaurants and lobby bars, taking into account the multiple needs of guests for dining and socializing. The hotel will closely combine the use function with the external environment in the plane layout, indoor and outdoor, and the overall plane is more efficient and reasonable. The building space is square and atmospheric, and the function and movement line organization are well organized.

The strategy of low-key integration is adopted in the architectural form design, which takes the building as the background of the environment and melts into the beautiful environment of the whole scenic spot.

The decorative elements of the building facade draw on local architectural features such as masonry and latticed Windows, presented in a modern and simple way. The building materials are simple and natural, low-key and exquisite, and blend into the environment.