Crowne Plaza Hotel & Hot Spring Center ReSea Qianghuangdao Under Construction

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Crowne Plaza Hotel & Hot Spring Center ReSea Qianghuangdao, as part of ReSea International Marina Resort Zone Qianghuangdao, with nearly 3,000 meters long coastline, is faced with the Bohai Sea. The Crowne Plaza hotel along the coast as family-with-kids oriented hotel, focuses on the needs of such families to forge a one-stop wellness destination for each traveller.

The whole zone has a 48,000 square meters large natural lake and the vegetations covering 75% area. The overall design integrating the philosophies of ecology, art, wellness healing and etc., combines the architecture with the nature and the spaces with the functions, to provide with the cozy and natural slow life experience for people living in urbans.

ReSea International Marina Resort Zone, with the meandering coastline, the sparkling sea, the various dune features, the collection of low-density resort hotels, and the scare and pleasant views, will present a brand new and more vibrant life style.